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Taking Requests for MeanWorld Classic

I think we have gotten through the list of requests for MeanWorld Classic. If you have a request (or if I have forgotten any of your previous requests), send me a POLITE email at glenn@meanbitches.com and we will get it on the site. Just a friendly reminder... being polite is a better way to get what you want in life: Right way to ask: "Hi Glenn - I love that old scene with Dru Berrymore from a long time ago. Could you please put it up?" Wrong way to ask" WHAT THE FUCK??? THE DRU BERRYMORE SCENE ISNT ON THERE??? I DON'T CARE THAT THERE ARE 500 SCENES ON THIS SITE AND A NEW HD SCENE EVERY WEEK... I WANT MY MONEY BACK- THAT SCENE WAS THE ONLY REASON TO JOIN THIS SITE!!"

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