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Some notes about the new site

Hi everyone! Glad you are enjoying the new site... A lot of people are enjoying the ability to play videoclips onscreen, add comments and favorites, and download zip files. A few notes: 1) You can easily move between the sites by clicking in the dropdown box at the top. If you choose MeanWorld, it takes you to a page where all of the latest content is in one place. 2) You can always cancel by clicking on FAQ at the top (while in the members section). There you will see cancellation links. 3) At the bottom of each set, you can now add comments! This is like the old forum, only much better because it allows to comment on specific sets. You can add comments all over the site and I see them as soon as I log in. 4) Something went wrong with some of the sets. All sets should have download links. We are fixing this as fast as we can. You should see download links starting to appear soon, but we do have to re encode each set, so it takes a while.

Will wmv format no longer be offered? Or will I now have to find /download an MP4 player? I've been accustomed to viewing the clips with Windows Media Player for years, and unfortunately it doesn't play MP4 files. I also like to use Windows Movie Maker to edit the clips to the action I prefer to see in each scene i.e., to make my own compilation of the particular action I prefer to see. Unfortunately again MP4 files don't work with Windows Movie Maker either.
Good question - MP4 is a more universally accepted format than wmv. It plays on Macs, iphones, tablets, and yes - on Windows Media Player. You just need to download a codec. Here's a little article that tells you how: http://www.brighthub.com/computing/windows-platform/articles/62182.aspx Once you have the codec installed, I believe you will be able to use the files in windows Movie maker.
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